Camping dans la Baie de Somme

Discovering the surrounding area

Le Parc du Marquenterre

The Baie de Somme is one of the great sites in France for the passage of migratory birds. Man-made lakes, marshland and salt water meadows make up the area between the sea and the land.

In the heart of the Baie de Somme Nature Reserve, the Parc du Marquenterre offers you a special place where Man and Nature meet. You will be captivated by this high spot for bird migration crossing the continents of Europe and Africa

The campsite is just 900 metres  from the Parc Ornithologique du Marquenterre.

The seaside resorts

Visit the resorts of the Baie de la Somme with its pebble cliffs and long, fine sandy beaches:

  • Architectural marvels from the Belle Epoque era at Mers-les-Bains and Ault
  • Wooden beach huts and walkways at Cayeux-sur-Mer
  • The medieval city of Saint-Valery-sur-Somme
  • The small fishing port of Le Crotoy
  • The dunes and pine forest at Quend-Plage-les-Pins and Fort-Mahon-Plage

The Baie de la Somme has 2 high and 2 low tides per day.

Roughly 12 hours separates each low tide.

On foot, on horseback, by bike, by canoe, in a sand yacht…… discover all the ways to enjoy outdoor activities in the Baie de la Somme. You can also sail, go on the tree top trail, fish….

The baie de la Somme offers you a vast range of pastimes

To enjoy the beauty of the Baie de la Somme, discover its exceptional flora and fauna, walks or bike rides which will allow you to ride peacefully on the various cycle tracks and numerous footpaths.

There is a cycle path just 900 metres from the campsite, which will allow you to make your way to the beautiful, fine, sandy beaches and several footpaths in our village will give you access to the Baie de la Somme passing through the Marquenterre pine forests.

The different “discovery” cycle routes in the north and south of the Baie de la Somme permit you to have a change of scenery on the small roads in the heart of the Marquenterre, discovering small, typical villages, taking the pretty country roads and seeing the vast area of dunes.

The wildlife of the Baie de la Somme

For keen photographers, don’t forget your camera. The Baie de la Somme offers you some magical landscapes.

Benefit from your stay in the Baie de la Somme to watch some surprising wildlife: Henson horses, seals and lambs in the saltwater meadows are all there for you to see……

A seal colony has chosen to set up home in the Baie de la Somme. This mischievous and timid animal’s nose can be spotted at high tide in the pleasure ports and on the sandbanks at low tide.

The pasture lambs, the type found in the saltwater meadows, feeds on the saline and iodized plants of the Baie de la Somme and Bay de l’Authie….

The “Henson”, horse found in the Baie de la Somme is quiet, robust and friendly. It is renowned for its performance: rustic character, endurance, manoeuvrability and speed. The Henson Equestrian Centre will offer you the chance moreover of discovering the Baie de la Somme and the Marquenterre with the Henson horses.

Our suggestions of several sites to visit in the Baie de la Somme:

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Le Champ Neuf
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