Authie Bay

in the vicinity

The Authie
is a river that is located in the northern part of Fort Mahon Plage. When we talk about the Authie Bay, we are talking about a famous swamp. Its particularity comes from the fact that during high tides, it is covered by the sea. It is an original and beautiful place that gives visitors the opportunity to walk around.

Why is the Authie Bay a must during your stay at the campsite in Saint Quentin en Tourmont?

The highlights of the Authie Bay

The environment of the Authie Bay is a nature that has been preserved over the years. This gives visitors a rather surprising, but no less aesthetic, overview. Walking is the main interest of visitors to the Authie Bay.

During these walks, visitors will be able to observe different things up close depending on where they are:

  • Once at the ponds “Les Molières”, visitors will have the opportunity to attend hunting sessions of different species of migratory birds. This place, in summer, changes its appearance and is covered by quantities of sea lilac.
  • Once at the “Massif dunaire”, tourists will be charmed by the biotope of this place. In addition, beautiful landscapes will provide their surprise effect.
  • The Authie flows in one direction, but it is possible to go upstream. But for this, visitors will have to go to the “Chemin de la Digue”. Going up, they will arrive at the famous “pebble bridge” which offers no less than 90 minutes of walking.
  • Those who like to fish can enjoy themselves by going to the Foreshore. But they should know that these fishing sessions are supervised to avoid abuse.

An eco-responsible behaviour

The Authie Bay is a place that has formed naturally over time. It is therefore advisable for tourists to participate in its natural development by preserving it as much as possible from certain evils. For example, do not dump garbage anywhere (animals may eat it and die). It is also necessary to avoid excessive fishing which can have an influence on the balance of the marine fauna.